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Back when I was an antsy little boy, buzzing around the house and getting on my mom’s nerves, she’d boot me out the back door with a sarcastic, “Go play in traffic, kid.”

So one day, when I was going on about the latest cool thing I’d seen in sports, or pontificating on this subject or that, my wife Mary said, with exasperation, “You know, you really should just start a sports blog.”

But we all know what she was really saying:

“Go play in traffic, kid.”

Web traffic.

Of course, it’s a little hard to tell which traffic is more dangerous sometimes. I mean, out here you can get just as slammed and spattered. And a vehicle isn’t going to insult your heritage or call you fat because you like or dislike a certain player or tip over a sacred cow.

Ever read Ray Ratto’s blog on cbssportsline.com? He’s a brilliant writer for a San Francisco paper with a sharp eye for hypocrisy and a great flair for comedy. Ever see his readers’ comments? “Go eat another bag of donuts, you fat idiot!” … “This is the stupidest piece of garbage I’ve ever read!” Stuff like that.

Which brings us, naturally, to what in the name of Ray Ratto do I think I’m doing out here? Another sports blog?

Sharing stories, shooting the breeze, starting conversations. I hope you’ll read, find a common thread that runs through sports. If you disagree or find me in error, please say so, sure. But try not to get the spikes up or grab the facemask.

And I think this’ll be fun.


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